About Us

The Emory Law School Supreme Court Advocacy Program (ELSSCAP) is an organization at Emory Law School dedicated to representing clients in the Supreme Court of the United States. Formed in 2010, the program is the only student-run program of its kind in the nation. ELSSCAP files petitions for writs of certiorari as well as amicus briefs at both the cert petition stage and the merits stage of Supreme Court litigation. The program was founded by Professor David J. Bederman and Kedar Bhatia, then a first-year law student and now a contributor on SCOTUSBlog.com. Professor Sarah Shalf is our current faculty adviser.

ELSSCAP is run by an annually elected student Executive Board. The current board is:

Director: Carmelle Alipio, 19L
Deputy Director: Namratha Minupuri, 19L
Executive Editor: Tyler Quinn Yeargain, 19L
Director of Case Services: Rashmi Borah, 20L
Director of Operations: Sophia Karnegis, 20L
Treasurer/Director of Marketing and Events: William J. Goozee, 19L
Director of Outreach: Matt Lindgren, 20L
Director of Membership: Christine Thomas, 20L

ELSSCAP invites prospective clients who wish us to consider their cases to complete our online inquiry form.

For more information, visit us at our official Emory website. Thank you for visiting Sunday Splits!